Thursday, March 15, 2007

Formal dream

This was a rather short dream. For some reason, I dreamed that it was the day of spring formal. There was a special Mass going on that day in the place where the formal was going to be, meaning that it wasn't a church, but more of a hall. Obviously, Christendom wouldn't do that in real life, but that's what my dream had them doing.

Adam W. was one of the acolytes at Mass, and he was given a camera to take pictures with. On the recessional, just before he passed through the doors, he turned around to get a shot of Mike McG. (who was the Master of Ceremonies for mass), in front of the priests. Mike slowed way down, but the camera took too long to focus, so he had to keep going. Adam tried to snap pictures of the priests, but the same thing happened. He had to content himself with snapping pictures of people as they left the church.

I woke up, wondering what time it was, because I had to go to the gym...