Monday, October 24, 2016

Mouse dream

I forget the context of this dream, but here's the part that I remember from last night. I was in a room with furniture in it, and I was standing next to a center island or a large box or some sort of console when I saw this dark thing in my peripheral vision. When I turned and looked, it was gone. I focused again on the big boxy thing and in a couple of minutes, that same black little spot appeared. I turned my head slowly to take a look at it and it was a little mouse. It saw that I was looking at it, and stopped sniffing around. I turned to face it; it turned to face me. I took a step toward it and it didn't move. I continued advancing towards it, and it stood up on its hind legs. I slowly extended my hand down to it, palm up, and it did not run. Instead, it grabbed my fingers with its tiny forepaws and began sniffing around.

The dream gets a little fuzzy around here (no pun intended), but I seem to remember the mouse hopping up into my hand and either speaking to me there, or scurrying up my arm to my shoulder and talking there. I don't remember what was said.