Monday, May 23, 2016

Vanity of the hair

I don't remember a whole lot about this dream, but I was in a place with lots of mirrors. I was there with somebody else but I forget who it was. We were talking about nothing terribly important, because I was glancing around at all the mirrors: there were small ones, ornate ones, tall floor ones, and even a couple of the ceiling. (Whoever owned this place seemed to be quite vain.)

As I was glancing around, I happened to catch my reflection in one mirror which picked up another mirror behind me. There, on the crown of my head, was a massively large bald spot, the size of the palm of my hand. I looked at it, thinking to myself, "Christine would not let me get around looking that badly," and so figured that I had simply lost a significant clump of hair. This must've happened fairly recently, because I don't remember it looking like this in the past. I started looking around the room get a discrete sort of manner, not really expecting to find anything, but simultaneously hoping I would. As I scanned the room, my eyes caught another mirror and this one was passing along the reflection from one of the mirrors on the ceiling. I had another patch of baldness the same size sitting just off-center of the middle of my head. I decided that night I was going to cut my hair.

When I woke up this morning, the dream had felt so real that I had to check my head.