Monday, July 23, 2007

War dream

I had a funky dream last night. All I really remember is that there was a war going on. The dream zoomed in on one gigantic, futuristic-looking German tank, and the people inside it. There was a German officer in full dress uniform and a tomboy. The tomboy was very fascinated by this machine of war, battle tactics, and things of the sort. She was so fascinated, that she wanted to see and experience the cannon for herself.

She crawled into the cannon, and the enormous shell was loaded on top of her. She was actually sitting in a chamber at the base of the cannon, between the firing apparatus and shell, so the shell wasn't touching her. The officer saluted her, and fired the cannon. She went rocketing out right behind the shell, but the shell created a massive vortex behind it, causing her to get sucked back into the cannon, and disintegrate.