Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shipwreck, and the island

I cooked some food for me to take to work. I had three plastic to-go boxes, the kind that you get from Boston Market, with the black bottom and the clear top. In the first box was four stalks of broccoli, the second held some potatoes, and the third, blintzes. The broccoli looked oriental, because it had some funky spices, dark sauce, and a little bit of red pepper on it. The potatoes were cooked in such a way that I had small parts cooked in different ways: fried, mashed, baked, and boiled. There were six different styles of cooked potatoes, though. Mashed came in two styles: one was plain, the other was with olive oil and salt. Baked: one with a skin, cut and loaded with sour cream and all that stuff; the other baked and then cubed. The problem is that as I was making it, I ate the plain mashed potatoes. But I didn't want to admit that I had done so, so I took the other mashed potatoes and spread them out to make the box look full. There were three blintzes: cream cheese, blueberry, and one more kind, which I don't remember.

For some reason, I was at sea with the guys from Telogical: David, Lynn, Alex, and Paul. I don't knew where we were sailing to, but a hurricane arose, and the ship was torn in half. Alex, Lynn and Paul were in the back half, and David and I were in the front half. Oddly enough, the water was only about four feet deep. So, I jumped out of the ship, and began wading through the water. David, being David, stayed in the front of the ship, just watching and laughing that I was out in the water. Well, I went over to another hull fraction and found the three to-go boxes with the food in it, and brought them back over to where David was. He laughed that I had even bothered to go back and grab my food, but I felt justified in the fact that I would need it. Then, I grabbed the tip of the ship around it's very narrow nose from the top, basically pinching it between my upper arm and the side of my body, lifted, and began walking. It was kind of clumsy, so I handed David the to-go box with the broccoli, and then continued on (yes, still holding the other two boxes). In a sudden realization, I realized that the food must be soaked through. There was a little bit of seawater in it, but not that much. I turned the boxes over so that the seawater could drain out and then kept going. David was laughing still that I was saving the food and the nose tip of the ship.

Since the water was so shallow, there had to be land nearby. Sure enough, there was an island about twenty feet away. I somehow knew this island as the island Elizabeth (my twin sister) lived on with her family. Part of it looked like a city from the video game Oblivion, I went to her house, but she didn't recognize me. I wanted to see how long it would take, so I played the role of a salesman, and offered her the recipe for the blintzes. She tried the blueberry one, and I told her that I would sell her a quick kit to make them for $1.50. She said no, she couldn't do that, so I tried again with another style of blintz. She wasn't recognizing me at all. In any case, somehow, I managed to get invited inside, and I joined her, James, and AJ for dinner (I don't know where Anya or Mary Clare was). They had some guests over as well, so I sat back and watched them dance in the manner of the folk of the isle...

There were four dancers, all walking in a small clockwise circle with their right hands diagonally up, joined to form a point in the middle. The music was very simple, almost a bluegrass kind of music, and it had the lyrics, "And when you're dancing, you're dancing..." (I think the last line was "You're dancing all the night,", but I'm not really sure...). I was intrigued by this dance, because it looked simple enough that I might be able to do it, possibly even without messing it up too badly. And right about then, I woke up...

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