Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walmart's a gym?!

I drove over to the gym to get some exercise as is my wont. When I parked, the building looked entirely different, much like a WalMart, instead of Lifetime Fitness. I was a little surprised to say the least, but no matter. Walmart has fitness equipment, so I'd just use that. Oddly enough, I didn't have to look for it, I found it quickly. Dave Kelly was there, too, and had taken up a career as a professional bodybuilder, but hadn't gotten very far yet, since he didn't look much bigger than the last time I saw him.

Well, there was also some guy whom I don't know. He was rather imbalanced in that he spent a lot of time working on his upper body, but his lower body was fairly scrawny. He was benching some 300 pounds to warm up with, but having trouble with leg curls exceeding 100 pounds. Anyway, he was giving Dave some advice on how to build up his upper body.

I then remembered that I had a second membership to a different gym (based loosely on what I'm considering in reality): I think it was Gold's Gym. Anyway, I went over there and did my workout, but then I went back to the first one to buy some stuff. All hell had broken loose: the equipment was being moved all over the place, the employees weren't sure if they were personal trainers, sales associates or cashiers, and all the customers (except me) were acting like children.

How did things get so bad? I went outside to move my car, in case the mayhem spread out to where the vehicles were. It had started snowing...

Anyway, so I moved my car to the opposite end of the parking lot, the furthest point away from the store, and went back inside. Once there, I managed to get through the store and find what I was looking for, and get in line to purchase it. But then something happened that prevented me from making the purchase. I don't recall what it was, so it must have been something insignificant. In any case, I woke up shortly thereafter...

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healthily sanguine said...

Wal-Marts are scary. I'm surprised I didn't have bad dreams after going into one the other day (Thanksgiving). BTW, Joe and Emily are engaged! :-D