Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dreams when fighting something...

Usually whenever I have a cold or a virus, I have these dreams where I'm either doing battle, or setting up battle formations, or something. For the past week or so, with the exception of last night, I've been dreaming that I've been setting up battle formations to ward off an enemy. The problem is that the enemy is already there, and has a much larger army than I do and is very well organized. As soon as I set up one formation or barricade, they either destroy or overrun it.

The funny thing is that dreams like this often cause a lot of physical motion while I'm asleep. Whether it's my foot jerking around, or my entire body looking like it's going into a seizure, it hardly ever wakes me up. So far, two people have both experienced this, and have both woken me up. The first time, I woke up sweating -- I had just been dodging what seemed like Sci-Fi giant bacteria flying at me, and I had the agility of Spiderman. The second time (two nights ago in the currently-running series), I woke up both sweating and breathing heavily, as though I had just run a marathon, and in my mind, I had been. There was an army of something coming after me. I didn't stand a chance. As I ran, I was setting up barriers of all kinds to slow th enemy, but no matter what it was, they kept coming: whether it was a concrete barrier, a 20' stone wall, or a legion of men (all me, of course), they either came through it, over it, and in no uncertain terms destroying everything in their path. Perhaps, it's because I keep running from it that I have not overcome whatever it is I've got yet.

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healthily sanguine said...

Or perhaps it is because you watch too many movies! Or both!