Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You know, I've been trying really hard to record my dreams -- or even remember them. I've had several fascinating dreams over the past few days, but they were just not quite memorable enough to remember less than two minutes after waking up. I meant this quite literally. I have an MP3 player/recorder right next to my bed for quick access. As soon as I wake up, I push record and talk into the voice recorder.

For instance, three night ago, I had this dream where I was visiting with a friend in the area, Ashley C. A couple people I didn't recognize were there as well, and we started talking about making our delivery. So I went and changed my clothes (from what to what, I have no idea). Our mission was to deliver medical supplies to a hospital. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, not quite. For what are hospitals known, if not infamous? You're absolutely right: the backless gown. Well, somehow or another, the hospital convinces me (and only me) that I need to be wearing one of these things, and sure enough, I'm in one. No, I have nothing else on underneath. My clothes are gone. Eventually, after a decent amount of "negotiation", I get my clothes back, but not after people have had a lot of fun at my expense.

Two nights ago, I had what I called a "Star Trek" dream, but I don't remember what was so Star Trek-y about it. I vaguely remember a spaceship, but the bulk of the dream was about flying and low gravity environments. My jumping was equally proportional to that of a grasshopper, assuming a grasshopper was my size. The difference is that when I jumped up, I didn't fall straight back to the ground. I drifted slowly down, and was able to cover a lot of ground in the air. While I didn't land gracefully at first, it only took a couple jumps to get used to it. Then I discovered something which made the dream soooooo much cooler: I had a set of feathered angelic-style wings sprouting out of my back (think Angel/Archangel from the X-Men). Wings like this makes any dream awesome. At the next bound skyward, I spread my wings out to full extension (what I vaguely recall being somewhere between 15'-20'). Then, I took off and didn't land again. But that's a common theme in good dreams for me. And somehow, all this tied into a Star Trek theme. And somewhere in there, there were talking animals...

On a side note, my recordings to jog my memory more amusing than anything. I wish I could upload the audio files here, because I didn't know that I sounded so weird immediately after waking up.

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