Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Best Buy, a Pirate Ship, and the Electric Chair

This dream was friggin' weird. I was working at Best Buy and I sold Alex a new computer set. It was a Compaq Presario system with all the newest technology. Alex's dad was there. He saw the computer, and he really liked it. We loaded it up into the back of Alex's new truck (a Ford F-150), and since I was just getting off work, I rode with them. The computer was put onto the tailgate (which was not closed). Mr. S. drove the truck with the computer sitting on the edge of the tailgate, and tore out of the parking lot. He was really excited about the new truck and the new computer. He took a back way home, but the road suddenly ended and the truck, the computer, and everyone in it fell into the ocean.

When I landed in the ocean, there was no sign of Alex or his dad (or, for that matter, the truck or the computer). Off in the distance, I saw a small boat, and I started swimming towards it. They must have seen me, too, because I got to them really quickly, and they offered to take me on board. I quickly agreed, and I came on board. I asked them what they were doing in the middle of the ocean in such a small boat, and they told me that they were looking for a ship. They explained to me that the ship they were looking for was the greatest ship known to exist. It was meant for both water and the air. It's previous owners had all died, and the ship sunk. However, the ship was indestructible -- all it needed was a crew. Sounded like quite an adventure, and although I don't particularly care for sailing the seas, I love flying. We searched on for a while, and we chanced to see something funny up ahead. We looked down into the ocean, and sure enough, we were right on top of it. We all jumped overboard and swam down to the sleeping behemoth of a ship. As we all assumed a position, the ship began to rise straight up of its own accord, and we were soon at the surface. All the water drained out, and the gold trimming on the ship gleamed as though it was freshly polished. We looked around to see if we could tell who the last owners were -- on the flag pole was mounted the well known pirate flag, the Jolly Roger. It was soon apparent that we weren't going to change the flag, so I opted to live in the moment and act all piratey. Anyway, the captain ordered us all to take our places, and proceeded to get the ship airborne. After hovering for a few seconds amid cheers of the sailors, we took off to the moon.

When we landed, the military was ready for us. I was caught, tried and convicted as a traitor to the country for being a pirate. I and all my shipmates were taken to prison to await our final moments. I was given the chair as my method of execution, and the right to a final confession was denied me. As they led me out of my cell and towards the execution chamber, I saw a line of people in front of me, consisting of all ages. I saw, much to my surprise, that "all ages" included children. They were all coming to see me die. The children were excited, the women and mothers were crying, and the men and fathers were very stalwart -- quite a mixed reaction, and one that I would egotistically expect. Then I saw that the line was not going into the viewing area -- the line was going into the electrocution chamber. Everyone was asked to sit in their chairs, and they were all fastened to the seats. I then heard one of the children ask when the movie was going to start. His mother, trying her best to be brave, told him very soon. I looked around in horror when I saw that there was nothing that I could do to get them out or to get myself out. I had already been fastened down, and most of my shipmates has already been executed. The walls of room that we were in suddenly became transparent, and the bodies of all my comrades could been seen. As I felt the spike of electricity snap through my body, I woke up.

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