Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Freaky house

I bought the house was right next to Ken and Alaina. It was a cool design: two floors, each with furnaces. These furnaces were actually little jet nozzles that blasted regular fire around the base of every room to keep them warm. So, instead of an actual furnace where the flame was covered, this was an uncovered flame. It was really cool! Well, OK, it was really hot. The basement of the house was in constant flames. This was the heart of the furnace. All the heat that came into the house came from this fire. If you needed to fuel it, there was a door in the middle of the home where you could feed it wood or some other form of fuel. This was the main fuel door, but there were other fuel doors as well. For some odd reason they looked more like graves...

When I bought the house the person told me the story behind it, and why it was so inexpensive.

There was a man and his mother living there. They were known throughout the neighborhood as the peaceful sort, and everyone liked them. They were always having people over, or helping out their neighbors with anything they needed help with, big or little, and never asked for anything in return. Nevertheless, people came to them to help them out all the time. It was a very good situation, and life was going well. Somehow, the man became possessed, and killed his mother there in the furnace. No one is sure how or really why, but when one is possessed by a demon, there isn't much reason why except that they are driven by pure evil. However, when he was forcing his mother through the fuel door, the spirit left him, and he fell through the door, taking her with him. It isn't known whether he went unconscious and fell into the furnace with his mother under him, or if the demon shoved them both through. In any case, all the mother saw was her son pushing her into the furnace. Her soul demanded vengeance for the evil wrought upon her, and it stayed in the house after she died. His soul also remained in the house, but it became one with the furnace. The demonic possession allowed other demons into the house, and one also came specifically to possess the building itself.

Well, being Catholic, I knew that I had to have the house blessed, but before I did that, I wanted to clean it up. Since news travels fast, Donna came by to visit me in the house. I hadn't seen her in quite some time, and I let her in and we chatted for a few minutes while I was cleaning up. Shortly after being let in, she got possessed by one of the random souls in the house, and she came after me to kill me. I knocked her out.

I figured that I needed to warn other people, so I ran next door to warn Ken and Alaina to not come over at all until I told them that it was all right to visit. It would not be safe for them over there. As I was about to leave, I saw the possessed Donna standing right outside the screen door, staring at me with pure hatred in her eyes. Ken was about to let her in, but I told him not to. When she saw that he was not going to let her in, she smiled and somehow squeezed through the screen of the screen door (in reality, there isn't a screen door on the house -- it's a glass storm door). However, the angels protecting Ken and Alaina's house prevented her from entering their house, so she was stuck between the doors.

I had to resolve this situation quickly. Since she was stuck in between the doors on the side, I used the front of their house and ran back to my house. I figured that the best way to dispel the spirits was to start with the furnace. I challenged them spirits by flushing water down the graves. The house seemed to come to life with this, but before I could do anything else, I woke up.

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