Monday, January 05, 2009

Accused of Murder

"Knight's Dagger" From Swords
"Dracula Dagger" From Swords

I was in medieval days, dressed in the garb of a knight. It was in the evening, and I had been accused of murdering my best friend by my best friend's wife. She challenged me to a duel with daggers, and it was clear from the look on her face that there would be no talking about this. She drew her dagger, the one given to her by her husband (see "Knight's Dagger" above).  I was unarmed, so I was given one that looked like a cross between the two above.  She placed the point of her blade on my chest, looked me dead in the eye, and said something to the effect of, "I'll never forgive you."  She then withdrew the blade, and attempted to kill me, but I easily evaded it.  I looked around for support, for anyone to clear my name, but there was no one.  I had already told her that I was not guilty of his death, but evidence had arisen that he had died by my hand.  (The fact of the matter is that the dream had started with the challenge, and I had remembered my innocence and the framing as the dream was continuing.)  In my mind's eye, I had no choice -- I had to kill or be killed, because she wouldn't have it any other way, and she wouldn't listen.  I begged her to listen to me once more, and when she answered by another lunge, I moved just out of the reach of her blade, and then stabbed her in the heart.  Her face went white with shock, and she died very quickly.  I grabbed the nearest cloth, and as she fell, I caught her, and held the cloth over the wound.  When I looked around, I saw the man who had given me the blade -- I saw my enemy.  He was gloating in the fact that I had killed her, and that his guilt in her husband's death had become mine.


lover of beauty said...

Should I be scared?

Phantom Seraphim said...

Only if you accuse me of murder and then try to kill me before I make my final confession. :)