Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Pretender Series

So, I've been watching the Pretender, an older television series that got cancelled after the fourth season. I would recommend this series highly to anyone looking for an incredible series.

Anyway, I had a dream where I was a Pretender, but I was in a world where every 1 out of 10 people were Pretenders. Miss Parker was still chasing Jarod, who was still doing all sorts of good while running from the Centre. However, now Miss Parker and Syndey had several Pretenders helping them in the capture of Jarod, who was still the greatest Pretender.

Unfortunately, I don't recall any other details. I will say that I was the closest of anyone to capturing Jarod, in that I saw him. But he knew I was after him, and, as usual with the series, he was several steps ahead of me.


Fidelio said...

Anthony, do you find that when your dream takes you to real (accurately presented) places, that you've given visuals of them that your actual awake self has never experienced?

For example, I had a dream about a building on base here the other night, but I was looking at the building from the riverbank--from this angle, the building was up on the crest of a hill. It was all correct, except that there's no way to get down to the riverbank and see the building from that angle! I know that mine own eyeballs have never seen the building from that angle, yet my brain was giving me a very cool and accurate picture of it all the same.

Cool. How does our brainses do that?

Phantom Seraphim said...

I've had similar dreams before. In some cases, it's just my mind putting images together and three-dimensionalizing them. For instance, once I dreamed of the Taj Mahal, and even though I've never been there, I was able to get a nice walk-in of the main area and the front entrance, just based on the several pictures I'd seen of it. And the next morning, I double-checked some pictures, and I found it to be mostly accurate.

Aside from that, I've also seen buildings from different angles from which I've never approached them, but no example immediately comes to mind.

Our brains are pretty awesome, huh?