Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bollywood/Football party

So, in actuality, Draper is hosting a Bollywood party this evening. In my dream, the party ended up being a Bollywood/Football party. T-Shirts, along the lines of the East/West football "jerseys" were made for the men by the women present. Christine had made mine, and it had the Superman S-Shield on it, but it was in sparkly blue and silver, with the words "Superman" and "Supergirl" written elsewhere on the shirt (I forget where). It was also a 2XL, or maybe even a 3XL -- whatever the case was, when I held up, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, "I looked like I was wearing Superman's pajamas." Anyway, so I looked at Christine first with a look of, "Wow, that's big!" and "Wow, that's girly!", and she interpreted my looks correctly. She just smiled at me and said, "But it's pretty!"

I told her, "But that's not the colors of the logo! It's not sparkly!"

She gave me a sad look (I'm not sure if it was real or her playing), so I decided to put it on. I woke up just as I picked up the shirt with that particular determination.

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